Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Why is it getting harder?

Like every other wide-eyed young'un that heads west to make it in showbiz, I once had delusions of making, or at least developing great films. And I have worked on a few that I'm incredibly proud of. But now, more often than ever before in the 6 years I've been doing this, I keep asking myself (and my peers) the same question.

Why is it getting harder?

A few headlines from today offer up perhaps the top three reasons it's so freakin' hard to make a good movie in today's box-office climate:

1. Studios love to make crappy sequels to films that sucked in the first place, since it's easier than coming up with a new idea.

2. Now that every studio is part of a freakin' conglomerate, it's way easier for executives to convince their bosses to remake their old crapthat people have already heard of, than to sell a new idea to a dumbed-down public.

3. And last but certainly not least, CAA is taking over the globe. Or at least Wilshire Blvd. After inflating actors' salaries (and driving up the cost of films) for 20 years strong, it's really only simple common sense to inflate their own after this long. Seriously, I can't believe they waited this long. Congress does it all the time.

It used to be common for me to see 2-3 movies a weekend. I'd be up at 10 on a Saturday, Starbucks in hand, ready to go for a double feature. Now it's almost a chore to sit through one. And even then, it usually helps to be stoned. Honestly, I can't understand my colleagues who willingly forked over $11 to see HERBIE: FULLY LOADED. Unless it's to see Lindsay Lohan's digitally reduced chest. Now that I can sort of understand.

* * * * *

I called Showcase last night and fed him the stripper story. He totally bought it.

"Wait, they're TWINS? Why are they living in a one bedroom?"
"I dunno. I guess it'll be cozy."
"No, seriously."
"They're from Nebraska and weren't prepared for the crazy rents."
" I guess that makes sense. Did you talk to either of them?"
"Yeah, they seem pretty nice."
"Do they smoke pot?"
"Oh totally."
"And they have huge fake tits?"
"Seriously, you need to take some pictures."
"You know, I'm also lying to you right now."
"You mean NO ONE has moved in?"
"That's right."
"I'm calling the landlord. This is ridiculous."

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