Monday, November 29, 2010

Setlist: Turkey Day

Thanksgiving with my Family- 11/25/10- Los Angeles, CA
special guest Dr. Pauly on guitar and harmonica

Set 1: Good Day Sunshine, Vegetables Ruined Your Maque Choux, Pauly Shaves the Wookbeard>Citizen Pauly, Brownies for Mandy, (There is no) Crosstown Traffic (On Thanksgiving)>Also Sprach Zarathustra

Set 2: Champagne Supernova, Shorting Stocks for Fun and Profit*, Derek Jeter is Washed-Up and Overpaid, Goddamn it to Hell I Can't Carve this Turkey>Food Glorious Food>Red Red Wine, We Need Points>J-E-T-S>We Need Points, Sweet Chocolate Pie**, Sleeping Monkey

Encore: Turkey Cup>Busto Blues> Turkey Cup Reprise

*= Pauly solo acoustic, Mandy on backup vocals
**= to the tune of "Sweet Caroline"

Note: First show of 2010 that did not include Won't You Please Get Health Insurance?