Friday, September 03, 2010

Durrrr vs. jungleman12, Duke vs. Negreanu, and Other Delights

Happy Labor Day weekend America. Well, at least for the 90% of you who still have jobs. My own day gig with PokerNews has kept me quite busy since I returned home from Phish tour so I thought I'd share some of my better scribblings with you.

I have an op-ed column now that runs on Saturdays. I'm not sure anyone reads the internet on Saturdays, but those brave souls who do got to check out The War of the C-Words last week, where I gave my take on Annie Duke and Daniel Negreanu's latest sandbox fight. This week's topic? The models, washed-up reality stars and porn actresses who are being doled out live event buy-ins by a number of online sites. Stay tuned.

I actually have a healthy balance in my Full Tilt account thanks to their Rush Poker 135-man SNGs. I wrote an installment of Bankroll Builders on these (squishy-soft) games.

Tom "durrrr" Dwan started his second "Durrrrr Challenge" against a guy most of you have never heard of before-- 20 year-old University of Maryland student Dan "jungleman12" Cates. I recapped their first two sessions earlier this week.

Pauly also wrote his take on the Dwan/Cates match in a piece for Full Tilt's Poker from the Rail blog. Check out Freaky Styley: durrrr and jungleman12

Smoke tough and enjoy the holiday my friends.