Wednesday, July 13, 2005

To the douchebag who robbed us yesterday...

Fuck you.

I hope you're happy with what you got. My Ipod wasn't even the good one-- it was the shitty 5 gig first generation one with the battery that craps out after 2 hours. So enjoy that. You did manange to snag two quality laptops though, you worthless piece of donkey shit. I don't have much faith in the LAPD, but with the little I do, I pray they lock you up and that prison is, well, let's just say "unkind" you motherfucker.

I arrived home from work last night and noticed that my front door (which, like any paranoid urban dweller, I deadbolt compulsively) was ajar-- a nightmare scenario straight out of a movie. I nudged it open and listened to hear if anyone was inside. Showcase was still in NY, so I knew it couldn't be him. No sounds, so I go in, and immediately notice that my laptop is gone. I run into my bedroom and sure enough, the window is busted open and the screen is on the ground. Drawers open, closet open. Ipod on my bedside table- gone. I check Showcase's room and his laptop's gone too. TVs, DVDs, VCRs, everything else was still there, but those laptops were pretty much the only things of value we owned besides our cars. I promptly broke down and called my Dad, who rushed over and sat with me while I talked to the cops and filed a report.

Just a bad fuckin' beat. But as a very wise woman once told me, "don't cry over anything that can't cry over you."

I must have some serious financial karma. Or was one helluva bitch in a past life. This isn't even the first time I had a laptop stolen. For that, we'll rewind to September 1997. An Amtrak train taking me kicking and screaming back to Chicago and college after my Lost Summer In New York. I was seated across from a bearded fellow (think Eskimo Clark for you poker buffs) who, before we could even get out of Manhattan, informed me that he'd just been released from prison after a 7-year sentence for the attempted murder of a police officer, and that he was carrying just under 60 pounds of marijuana in his duffle bag. Needless to say, I kept my belongings VERY close to me and I didn't sleep for most of the night. The train, however, crashed into a semi stalled on the train tracks somewhere in Western Indiana, and derailed. We were evacuated from our car, and when we finally got back inside, my laptop bag was gone. Whether it was the pot guy or not, I'll never know.

So, I'm taking any and all suggestions for a replacement for my late IBook. I know a desktop will let me play 4 tables at once, but it's not practical for my lifestyle. It's gotta be portable. And cheap.

Raymer, Ivey and Juanda are all still left in the Main Event! ESPN must be jizzing their pants. Not to mention, the Full Tilt Championship at the Wynn tonight live on Fox Sports. It's certainly a great day to be a poker fan, and a welcome distraction for me. Here's the chip count going into the final table provided by the fantastic

1. Daniel Negreanu $122,900                 

2. Phil Gordon $116,500                 

3. Ted Forrest $72,100                 

4. Kristy Gazes $67,900                 

5. Clonie Gowen $48,000                 

6. John D'Agostino $15,100      

I guess Ted Forrest is officially on the team now. I saw him at the WSOP with one of those customized jerseys over the back of his chair while he was playing the $5K Stud. Can't wait to see that name in red... once I can play again! :(           

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