Monday, July 11, 2005

Tilt Me Commerce One More Time

The apartment across the hall from mine has been vacant for 3 weeks now. The floors have been cleaned, the walls repainted, and the "for rent" sign has been long discarded. But no new neighbor yet. This does not bother me. Seeing as I've given up a hefty percentage of quiet and privacy in exchange for dirt cheap (by L.A. standards) rent, I'm not that anxious to have one more potentially disruptive human being cohabitating within six feet of my front door. But this irks my vacationing roommate to no end. In the five days he's been away on the east coast, our phone conversations have gone a lot like this:

"Hey what's up? How's New York?"
"Anyone move in yet?"

So I've decided to torture him with lies. The next time he calls I'll be spinning a tale about twin strippers trying to squeeze a couch through the doorway.

Spent Saturday night at Commerce grinding the 4-8, which is usually a very profitable game for me. Not this time. Within the first hour I could sense that this was going to be one of those sessions where I couldn't get a thing to go right no matter how well I thought I was playing. My first table was just from hell-- a guy called me all the way down with J5 suited after I three-bet my AA preflop. He caught runner runner jacks. Tilt. Tilt. Tilt. It was crap like that on every premium hand I held no matter how much I tried to protect it. And, at the same time, every trash hand I wouldn't even think of playing hit the flop hard. Cold call 2 bets with KJo? Never! Flop? KJJ! I wanted to light myself on fire. But driving home defeated would be worse.

Pissed away over $200 before coming to my senses and changing tables. Second table was better, but not much. The sweet, fiftyish woman next to me saw me take two crap beats in a row and actually commented to me that I had remarkable self-control despite all the bad luck I was having. I suppose that says a lot about my growth as a poker player-- I didn't mouth off even once. Or kick any furniture. I finally walked out around 3 AM down $160. Just one of those nights. We've all had them. And we'll have them again and again.

Raiser busted out on Day 1C. :( He and Mouse are still out there so I have yet to find out about the hand that did him in.

Still writing up some stories from the WSOP. A fistfight at MGM Grand... blackjack with drunk lesbians... and my heart goes pitter-patter as I sweat Phil Gordon in the $1500 NL. Off to a test screening for now.

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