Thursday, July 07, 2005

It's On.

The cards went in the air for the Main Event about an hour ago.

God I wish I was there.

I thought the pangs had disappeared once I got back from my trip out for the $1500 NL, but they've returned with a vengeance. I know I had about as much chance of winning (or even cashing) as I would playing the freakin' Lotto, but still. I can't help but want to be there. For this week, I'll just have to live vicariously through fellow blogger Pauly, who's Tao of Poker has been providing the sharpest, most entertaining WSOP coverage out there. Check it out, people. His tales from the "Redneck Riviera" (his seriously foul yet undeniably colorful rent-by-the-week accomodations in Vegas) are not to be missed.

I do have a friend to keep tabs on in the ME. My pal "The Raiser"--a no-limit star, Hollywood Park regular and stellar home game host. This guy gave me the bug to even give a few satellites a try after he won his entry on UB. He'll be playing in flight 3 and right now, is most likely sleeping off all the booze from last night's festivities. His lovely girlfriend "Mouse" works with me and we'll be sweating the action together from here.

Part 2 of my WSOP adventure coming soon. For now I'm starving and am about to head out to get a $15 salad that I'll find some way to expense.

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Pauly said...

Thanks for the shout out.