Friday, July 08, 2005

Summer Fridays

Now why can't L.A. have summer Fridays like our New York City counterparts? It's not like anyone in Hollywood works on a Friday afternoon anyways, regardless of the season. I just took a lap around this joint and 50% of my office is nowhere to be found. Though a few are legitimately travelling in the name of Our Next Huge Blockbuster, I would guess the balance of those missing can likely be found either in the shoe department at Barney's or in their cars, on the freeway, futiley attempting to avoid traffic and skip town to Palm Springs/Santa Barbara/ Vegas while screening their calls. Seriously, people. I don't think I've had a meeting on my books post 3 PM on a Friday since I got promoted. Not that I'm complaining about that or anything. I'm just saying, why not formalize it like the New Yorkers were so wise to do? Get it all out in the open, no sneaking around, no "I have a doctors appointment" or "I have to be in Newport Beach by 6."

So yeah, I'm prety much just riding out the remaining hours I have to be here, while half-reading a new manuscript that I didn't think was right for us, just on concept, but I've gotta do my due diligence. Mainly I'm rolling around tonight's major decision in my head. Commerce or Party Poker? Party or Commerce? Commerce would be +EV for sure, given my recent runs at the 4-8 there, but I just don't know if I have a 6-8 hour session in me right now. So I suppose the pendulum has swung toward fishing in the Party aquarium.

Meanwhile, check this out. Doyle Brunson and a group of "unidentified backers" just bid $700 Million to buy the WPT. If it happens (which I'd venture to guess probably a longshot), I can't imagine the repercussions that will be felt throughout the poker world for decades to come in terms of sponsorship, logos, a player's union, etc. And what other players are among these backers I wonder? Could a certain Texas banker be one of them? Food for thought for this weekend.

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