Friday, May 23, 2008

American Idol Wrap-Up: David Cook Wins One for the Rockers

As you all know by now, 25-year old St. Louis bartender David Cook defied the early oddsmakers and won the seventh season of American Idol in a 12 million vote landslide. Even my own mother confessed to voting for him upwards of 80 times on Tuesday night.

I was able to catch the performance show on Tuesday, just as I'd arrived in the Crescent City to cover the final table of the WSOP-C New Orleans. The Wednesday finale results show, I unfortunately missed out on, though I got several phone calls from people letting me know that Cook had won. When I finally caught the episode on DVR when I got home, just as Ryan Seacrest was announcing "The WINNER of A-MERican Idol 2008... IS!... DAVID!..." the recording cut off literally at that very instant. Thank God for You Tube.

I'm thrilled David Cook won and look forward to watching his career take off. If he finds Chris Daughtry-like success on the charts, it'll surely be a boost for the show, which has been contending with sagging ratings for the past two seasons. I'm sure the folks at 19 Entertainment are thrilled by Cook's win too, as he is by far the more "manageable" winner. I think those guys must have been sweating bullets over the last few weeks thinking about dealing with Scary Stage Daddy full-time had David Archuleta taken the title.

As we wrap up this season of American Idol (as well as American Idol Wednesdays), I'll leave you with my two favorite David Cook performances from this season.

Cook first emerges from the Idol pack with this cover of Lionel Richie's "Hello":

Cook sings Chris Cornell's arrangement of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean":


Otis said...


BG said...

Arguably, the track he did on Mariah Carey week is really what sealed it for him (for me, at least). It was the first time he applied that post-grunge template to something we hadn't heard it applied to before.

This guy was easily the smartest contestant they've had on the show, week-in, week-out.

April said...

So glad to know it wasn't just our DVR that did that. Roomie blew a gasket over that one.

jusdealem said...

My DVR cut off also. I was so not happy...then I said the same thing, Thank God for youtube!

SpeakEasy said...

He's not from St. Louis.