Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Skill Series: Double Stacks Razz

Change100 Eliminated in 10th Place ($0)

Change100 got all in on fourth as about a 2-1 favorite with 7-5-4-3 vs. Fuel55's 9-6-5-3. Unfortunately for everyone's favorite California pothead, the Canuck ran like God tonight and caught 2-2-A to make a 6-5, besting Change's 7-5 after hitting Q-3-A. Change hit the rail and headed for her beloved bong, after yet another near-miss at the money.

"G*ddamn motherf#cking razz! Come on!" she screeched at the screen. "What kind of f*cking masochist am I for playing deep stacks razz!"

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