Sunday, May 04, 2008

Vanessa Rousso and the $27 SNG

I jumped into a $25+2 SNG the other day on Stars and lo and behold, there was Vanessa Rousso sitting to my left.

Wish I could tell you how I busted or bad-beated her or something, but there were easier fish to fry at that table. Vanessa was eliminated in 7th after playing very few hands and getting her chips in with Q-J vs. 7-8. An 8 on the flop gave her more time to focus on the other 5 SNGs she was in, as well as a $109 NLHE freezeout. I ended up finishing third because Q8>K8 when the flop is J-8-8 but you reallly just can't do anything about getting your money in there.


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