Sunday, April 20, 2008

OMG Like, Wow I Won a Tournament!

C'mon... it's only fitting that I took down the 420 day tournament! I had my hands full when it got three-handed with two very tough MTT players in Lucko and LJ still in it and all of us very deep-stacked. I think watching great aggressive internet players like Isaac "westmenloAA" Baron and Michael Martin all week in Monte Carlo must have rubbed off on me because I managed to come out on top despite that I was undoubtedly the highest player at the table.

Pauly had one of the larger stacks going into the first break, but he donked it all off, deciding that he'd rather concentrate on eating the Thai food we'd just had delivered. I, too ordered food, but despite my inebriated state, was able to simultaneously eat my steamed shrimp dumplings and click the mouse at the same time.

Thanks to the guys at Uncle Chuck's for organizing the tourney. It was a lovely way to spend the holiday.


Gene said...

I'd say congrats on winning the tournament, but considering your, ah, state I think the greater accomplishment was resisting the Thai food and focusing on the poker. Well done!!

Pauly said...

The Thai food was very tasty.


lj said...

i wouldn't say undoubtedly, but then again you are in cali.

you played great, congrats!

Uncle Chuck said...


Glad to see a fellow pot head come out on top. Weed was obviously the reason!

Great job. See you next year to defend your title.

lucko said...

Congrats, well played!

Jennifer said...


Derek McG said...