Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tiffany Michelle Going Deep in the WSOP Main Event

Tiffany Michelle and her 3.3 million in chips

My PokerNews colleague, the positively fabulous Tiffany Michelle is currently third in chips with 93 players remaining in the WSOP Main Event. Hailing from Los Angeles, CA just like your humble hostess, Tiff has spent the day under the lights at the Bluff Feature Table, just outside the ESPN main stage. With over 3.3 million in chips as we return from the Day 5 dinner break, she's one of only two women remaining in the tournament. Closely sweating Tiffany is the 2007 Main Event's longest-lasting woman, her good friend Maria Ho.

A little-known fact about Tiffany-- she's a certified massage therapist. Many times this summer, she's found me hunched over my laptop and stopped to work the knots out of my shoulders. When Pauly pulled a muscle in his arm, rendering it essentially useless while in the middle of reporting the EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo, Tiff worked on it tirelessly, enabling him to at least function.

Here's wishing Tiffany continued good luck, and for updates on her progress, head over to PokerNews.

(Photo courtesy of PokerNews)


Professional Poker Playa Neil Fontenot said...

I gots to tell ya, aint no one more proud of my girl T-Mac tha yous truly Professional Keno Playa Neil Mutha Fuckin Fontenot.

I met T-Mac years ago, and o' course PKPNF picked up on that FINE piece o' ASS, you knows what im sayin'!?! That girl is FINE and i mean ALL THA TIME! Usually bitches be beggin to have my shorty, but not my girl T-Mac- that girl is all Beyoncé. Respect. Look out brothas, she steal ya heart and leave it beatin on tha muthafukin FLO! GO T-MAC! Peace.

DSaid said...

blog more yours is the best

lj said...

hey, loved your updates on pokernews. i tried to find you at the rio my last day in vegas to no avail, and was bummed i missed seeing you. good luck w/ whatever adventure you're taking next and holler if you're in nyc!!