Friday, July 25, 2008

Man Bets Weed at Blackjack Table

Hat tip to Kid Dynamite for finding this gem. I fully expect this moron to be appearing on an upcoming episode of World's Stupidest Criminals.


StB said...

Sheesh! He deserved to get arrested. Everyone knows you can only bet pot in poker!

OhCaptain said...

Very funny! Thanks!

Easier In Israel said...

The really sad thing is that this is what the police spend their time on.

Someone is rather wasted and gets a silly idea. Rather than laugh and tell the guy to get serious, it becomes fodder for local TV news and the cops spend their time on "a bad guy" rather than going after the real criminals.

This guy was just criminally wasted. OH MY, an Ounce! Run for the Hills...

Thanks for the link,

Unknown said...

I wonder if the grade was good enough to bet the minimum at that table.

Nuveen said... must be tough to remember basic strategy when you're high