Monday, July 21, 2008

Things That Happened

While I was in Colorado...

I discovered hippie bars exist.

There are 5 of them and they're all located in downtown Denver.

I wished L.A. had a hippie bar where one could smoke pot semi-openly on the patio like those ones.

I met the joker's cat Emilio Estevez.

Like the joker, he's a Sound Tribe Sector 9 fan.

I nearly passed out from the heat during Steve Winwood's set at the Mile High Music Festival.

I also got buzzed off of a single beer due to being over 5,000 feet in the air.

But I saw some awesome bands too, like The New Mastersounds and Grace Potter & the Nocturnals.

I sat on the joker's porch while watching the nighttime activities of his neighbors... a black motorcycle gang called the Suns of Darkness.

We took a day trip to Boulder and visited Johnny Walker.

We talked about how happy we all were to be out of Las Vegas.

Speaking of Las Vegas...

While I was in Las Vegas...

My net gambling losses totaled -$345.

I was a loser at Pai Gow, breakeven at poker and a winner at Blackjack of all things.

I turned 31 and my blog turned 3.

My father got stung in the leg by a stingray while bodysurfing on Venice Beach.

It got infected and he ended up spending 4 days in UCLA hospital.

I freaked out a little because of the whole Crocodile Hunter thing.

But he's OK now.

My boyfriend totaled his rental car.

He then visited a sketchy doctor to procure Vicodin after the accident.

He then proceeded to write a lot about donkey blood while faded on pharmies.

That shit was hilarious.

I spent the majority of my waking hours in the Rio reporting the WSOP.

I ate less bad food from the Poker Kitchen this year, but many more chocolate chip pancakes.

I missed the Tilted Kilt. Nothing could replace it this year.

I got to live-blog the final table of the $50K H.O.R.S.E. and the final table bubble of the Main Event.

That was intense and exhausting, but pretty damn cool at the same time.

Some fourth-rate hack ripped off my live reporting blogs for her own column multiple times because she was too lazy to put in the hours at the Rio.

She and her idiot friends subsequently banded together and emailed my editor about a fashion report I wrote criticizing Nancy Todd Tyner's (hideous) clothing and makeup choices.

He didn't really give a shit. And they won't ever get the joke.

She was eventually fired.

I swam in the Scheckytown pool four times.

I sat in the jacuzzi zero times.

I won about $400 playing $2-$4 Omaha 8 or better online while sitting in the backyard in the dark.

I hit a lot of draws.

I beat Guitar Hero on Easy.

I was about to beat Guitar Hero on Medium when it disappeared from Scheckytown to be auctioned off for charity.

I got Guitar Hero elbow at least twice.

I Googled it and it is an actual medical condition.

I got a gig covering the EPT-Barcelona and the WSOP-Europe.

I'm psyched for another European trip.

But there's still four more cities to go before I get there.


Unknown said...

Check out what time you posted! WORD!

Unknown said...

Guitar Hero you say?

Someone needs to bring this to Vegas.

StB said...

A bunch of people whooping it up in a suite at the IP? Why not bring Rock Band so more people can play all at once?

Irongirl01 said...

Cool streams of consciousness Change!!!

Glad your pops is okay now

ColoJeepster said...

Where are these hippie bars? I've been in Denver for years, and I am clueless.