Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Falsettoland Freeroll and April Truckin'

I had no idea so many of you were closet theatre fags. I was expecting one reply to my little trivia question, perhaps from Grubby since he knows more than a little about musicals, but three? Thanks for getting your responses in however you could, even though I accidentally bumped into the "disallow new comments" button yesterday in a fit of Blogger-tilt. Bravo to all of you.

randomshow got it almost right, but confessed that he used Google to jog his memory. Tsk tsk! He also used the words "non-gay high school drama geek" in his email (yeah, that's what Showcase tells himself too). bayne_s gave that same answer, proclaiming his heterosexuality along the way as well. But pokertart gets the extra-special geek points for identifying Falsettoland as the original source of the quote. The 1981 off-Broadway musical Falsettoland, a sequel to 1979's March of the Falsettos is where we first met Dr. Charlotte and Cordelia, the "lesbians from next door." The two pieces were eventually combined for a 1992 Broadway run under the title Falsettos.

Since Falsettoland was the answer I was looking for here, pokertart is the winner! Shoot me an email at change100@gmail.com and we'll set up a time for our heads-up match. I didn't specify a game so you can choose, but if you pick razz I will find a way to hurt you.

Everyone's favorite internet doctor just put out one of the strongest issues of Truckin' I've read in some time. Do yourself a favor, check it out, and whip your way around the globe from Australia to Darfur to Oslo. If you read something you like, take 30 seconds and drop these writers a comment. Guarantee it'll make their day.

Truckin' - April 2007, Vol. 6, Issue 4

1. Flight of the Stripper by Paul McGuire
Just before the flight attendants closed the airplane doors, two extremely loud women with Fendi purses rushed in and sauntered down the aisles. One was a skinny black woman wearing oversized Chanel shades carrying a pink jacket. The buxom blonde wore a pink Juicy track suit and had the biggest and worst fake boob job I had seen since the days when I lived at the Redneck Riviera... More

2. Some Times by Sean Lovelace
My friend S____ is a huffer. Gasoline, Freon, silver spray paint, etc. If you were to believe what you read, what the medical professionals say, my friend will eventually suffer marked atrophy of the brain, and has about a three in five chance of living to age twenty-five... More

3. Earning Hazzard Pay by Matt Siller
I spent the night in a restless sleep, every noise sounding like the pop pop AK47 gunfire, loud then faint. My guess is that's probably what it was. As long as there were no explosions, I'm okay with distant gunfire - that's nothing new to this area. Most of it is liquored or 'gack'ed up troops firing into the air in the wee hours of the morning... More

4. Petite by Sigge S. Amdal
These girls, they were nice and all, but they couldn't have been more than seventeen. They have this puppy quality to their skin, and their eyes reflect the streetlights. Looking seventeen, they were probably around fifteen, sixteen maybe, making it a no-no for me. Too much emotion... More

5. The Night 911 Failed to Ring by May B. Yesno
The logical individual to approach would be the Sheriff. This individual, however, is a first water Bigot and an out right Chauvinist who has been in a position of some little authority far too long... More

6. Sure, My Name is Dave by Paul D. Lane
Oh well, I thought to myself, I made it through the Gulf war; I can make it through this crap. The Marines go on these deployments for six months at a time. The mission was we go around on ship for six months and hope we don't see much action... More

7. Flush by Mike Wenner
Somewhere in the middle of dinner, John's queasy feeling subsided when he let out a huge fart. He felt it coming and tried to contain himself as best he could so not to embarrass himself since a loud fart at the wrong time isn't always funny. But as you know, a loud fart in certain circumstances can be downright hysterical... More

And how excited is everyone for American Idol tonight?!



Unknown said...

I predict I write something nasty about Sanjaya tomorrow.

He's the Indian version of William Hung, but likely to get more tail.

bayne_s said...

I predict Haley will wear shortest skirt ever seen on Idol tonight and medium cleavage as insurance.

Pauly said...

Thanks for pimping!