Friday, March 30, 2007

The Hills, the Hills, the Hills are on Fire!

The desk in my bedroom where I do most of my writing sits in front of a huge window with a view of palm trees. Very California. I looked up from my screen, saw at the scene depicted in the above photo and thought "holy shit, it must be like a stage 3 smog alert out there today" when my phone rang. It was Showcase.

"The hills are on fire!" he screamed.

I grabbed my camera and walked half a block down the street to the condo building where he was dog-sitting and snapped this photo from the roof. The Hollywood Hills were indeed, on fire.

Accoding to NBC News it looks like we're dealing with a possible case of arson fireworks. The fire started in the parking garage of the Oakwood Apartments on Barham Blvd. Located between the 101 freeway and the Warner Bros. lot, it's the temporary housing complex where all the wannabe actors stay every year during pilot season. If you're a spunky 9-year old from Texas with a smile and a dream and your mama brings you out to Hollywood to try and make it big, your path will likely travel straight through the Oakwood.

It's still burning, but there's less smoke drifting past the palm tree now.