Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Meet Showcase and show your pet some love!

Angelenos, rejoice. After reading about his exploits for the last year and a half on Pot Committed, you finally have the opportunity to meet Showcase, live and in person.

Now the owner of his own pet care company, The Zen Pooch, Showcase is co-hosting a FREE pet first aid and safety presentation this Saturday, February 17th, at 1 PM at the West Hollywood Park near the corner of San Vicente Blvd. and Santa Monica Blvd. A pet adoption fair will be running as well, sponsored by Molly's Mutts & Meows and the Best Friends Animal Society, just in case you were thinking about adopting a little critter for yourself.

Showcase will also be autographing his full-color headshots upon request, and for a $10 donation to the Best Friends Animal Society, Showcase will take a photo with you and I'll post it here on Pot Committed.

Who is Showcase? He's the Jewish guy in the moderately gay T-shirt. This is West Hollywood after all.

For more information on the event, hit up the Zen Pooch.


Jordan said...

You might want to tell Showcase to get theZenPooch.com and then set it up to mask his blogspot site, like I did with HighOnPoker.net via GoDaddy. It's very easy, under $10/year and it'll help his business, as TheZenPooch.com is easier to remember (than TheZenPooch.blogspot.com) and looks more professional. Since he'll set it up as a mask, he doesn't need anything else. People will go to the .com site and be forwarded automatically to the blogspot address while the address on the Navigation Bar remains the .com address. You and he might already know this, but I thought I'd just offer some help if not.

Unknown said...

Will Stacy be there for a "best of Pot Committed" clip show?

iamhoff said...

Yeah! Bring back Stacee! GL to Showcase...I may have to pack up the doggie and bring her up to LA for the day.

Jen B said...

The Zen Pooch...awesome name!