Friday, July 28, 2006

The World Series of Prop Bets

Last night, Pauly and I had dinner in the Coffee Shop at Treasure Island. I ordered a typically Cali-girl dinner of a turkey burger topped with avocado and sprouts, while Pauly opted for his old standby, Chicken Fingers. The fingers came with two dipping sauces along with a side of tangy japanese cucumbers. Two carrot sticks and two celery sticks finished off the garnish. I tried the cucumbers. They were pretty tasty.

Now, we all know by now how Pauly feels about vegetables. They offend him. He'll pick them out of anything, including hamburgers, pasta, and chinese food. I've known him for going on 9 months and have yet to see him eat a salad. Seeing as he's down several bills in food-related prop bets, I offered him an easy way to not only make back some of that money, but to aid in his own health and digestion.

"I'll give you $100 if you can eat the whole plate of vegetables."
"The whole plate?"
"Yes. The cucumbers, the carrots, and the celery sticks. No water. No sauce."
"I don't think you're serious. If you're serious, you'll put that money on the table."

He thought I was semi-bluffing. And I sort of was. But here's the thing about semi-bluffs. Even if you do get called, a lot of times you will hit your draw.

I took a $100 bill out of my wallet and set it on the table between us. Pauly looked at the $100, looked at me, looked at a carrot, and took a huge bite. It only took about ten seconds before his face was frozen in a grimace as he tried to swallow. He made it through half a carrot, half a stick of celery, and one cucumber before giving up. I even offered to let him out for $50 if he just finished the celery. But he couldn't bear it anymore.

Watch it for yourself. What kind of blogger would I be if I didn't capture it on video?

Pauly eats vegetables for $100.

"What's wrong?" I asked, sweetly as he downed french fries and iced tea to rid his mouth of the vegetable taste.
"I'm just not finding you very attractive right now."

I dunno. I think the Benjamin becomes me.


biggestron said...

Nice one K. You'd think Pauly was eating worms from the grimaces in the video.

KrazyBangs said...

You rock.... should have let him out with a Keno Crayon chaser.

Unknown said...

I agree. You should make a dress out of it.

Jen Leo said...

What a pussy. Otis eats crayons for $400 but Pauly can't even muster a celery stick for $50 and then blames it on you? This is a let down. ;-)

Unknown said...

Veggies give me the willies, I don't think I'd be able to do it unless I was into the 11th hour of a 12 hour drinking bender.

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Classic, Change. The video is absolutely priceless. As Byron points out, the look(s) on Pauly's face as he attempts to eat just the beginnings of the vegetables are truly amazing. I mean, I hate vegetables, but I could easily eat a plate of carrots, celery and cucumbers. Those aren't even the most offensive veggies! I mean it's not like you were making him eat a plate of brussel sprouts and spinach or something.

Anyways great work on the video, and keep up the WSOP coverage.

Anonymous said...
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