Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Credentials, Aussie Sarah, Ladies-Only Online Poker and the Worst Prop Bet Ever

I got my press badge last night, and can now post from the relative comfort of the WSOP media room. Everyone has warned me about how much it’s going to suck when the main event starts and every outlet in the known universe decides to set up shop in here, squeezing journalists who have already been there for five weeks straight out of the spaces they’re accustomed to. The media room is sort of like the study lounge in your college dorm. Everyone’s trying to get their stories out, yet at the same time, everyone really wants to gossip and socialize. Headphones seem to be the universal “do not disturb” sign.

I sat between April and Steve Hall today. Steve, aka Foiled Coup is a trip. He’s a British photographer with a serious affection for Liz Lieu. In fact, the first time I was ever introduced to him (back in February at the Commerce Casino) he was toting a perfectly rolled up autographed Liz Lieu poster. Pauly just posted a hilarious interview with Steve where they dissect the different types of models/ex-strippers/future strippers that work the WSOP hospitality booths. Check it out.

My new editor, Dan Michalski played in the $1500 NLHE event yesterday and unfortunately busted out somewhere around the second break. He drowned his sorrows with a bunch of us at the Hooker Bar around dinner time. He had scotch, I had Coronas, and Jen Leo went for double White Russians. After downing three or four of them, she grabbed Pauly's junk. Twice confirmed now. Watch out Bobby Bracelet! I also saw Otis hit quads yet again on a video poker machine. Wil joined us later and I met his beautiful wife, Anne. Pauly explained to her why it was called the hooker bar and helped her spot a few.

While we were there, I met the lovely Sarah Bilney. Sarah is an Australian pro who finished in 63rd place out of 5619 entrants in last year’s WSOP main event and has since made four additional WSOP cashes, including a 12th place finish in last week's $2500 NLHE event. And... she’s a fan of my blog! Sarah is playing in today's $2500 Pot-Limit Hold'em event. I just peeked into the Amazon Room and saw her seated at the same table as Vanessa Rousso. The photogs will surely be descending on that one! Oh wait. Pauly already did.

Sarah Bilney, playing in the $2500 PLH
(photo by Dr. Pauly)

Check out her blog, Aussie Sarah, where she has been writing about her play in this year's series.

I lost $20 to Pauly in perhaps the worst prop bet I’ve ever made. I bet that he couldn’t throw an empty water bottle into a trash can across the Rio Convention Center hallway. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that the wall behind the can would make for such an easy bank shot. He’s missed a bunch of times when we’ve had props involved throwing things in the past. But those were only for a dollar. Aiyah. I’ll have to find some way to earn it back, preferably involving him consuming green vegetables. I'm such a fish.

Finally, Absolute Poker just annouced today that they're creating a Ladies'-only online poker room. Now that's one of the most insulting things I've read about lately in the poker world. Look, I'm fine with Ladies'-only live events simply because they're good for bringing more women into the game while taking away the intimidation factor some may feel upon entering a 98% male tournament. But ONLINE? Are you KIDDING me? There is no intimidation factor online. No one sees you. And if you're that freaked out about it, you probably shouldn't be playing in the first place. No one is going to know if you have tits or a dick unless you tell them yourself. I play on Full Tilt with that little devil girl avatar and most of my opponents STILL think I'm a guy. If I had a dollar for every "nice hand, dude" I could afford to install central air conditioning in my apartment.

So tell me, what the fuck is the point in segregating an online game? Are there going to me ladies' only online backgammon rooms? Ladies' only chess? I hope AP Lady's traffic is as dry as a Vegas afternoon.

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pokerpeaker said...

I agree, Change, the implication is still that females aren't good poker players, which is total bullshit. Remember the World Poker Tour's women's tournament? VVP was such a frat boy in that, every time a woman raised, "Oooo, hairspray right between the eyes!!!" "Oooo, we've got a catfight here!" What would happen if a guy raised another guy? "Ooo, Hair Club for Men right between the eyes!" "Oooo, there's a kick in the junk."