Wednesday, May 17, 2006

For the American Idol fans out there...

In honor of one of this month's top Google search referrals to this here blog ("Taylor Hicks Smoking Pot") I offer you this small piece of advice.

If you have last night's American Idol on Tivo, stop whatever you're doing, get high, and watch the end of Taylor's performance of
"Try a Little Tenderness."


I promise a near-religious experience.


Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Change, incredible job in all those cashes last night! I haven't been able to avoid my opponents hitting every flop and turn and river in sight lately, including in the $3 Rebuy Madness tournament last night on pokerstars as well where I took a beating after consistently losing when I was the favorite heading into the flop with all the money in the middle.

I don't watch Idol so I probably won't follow your instructions, but I will admit that I am curious as to what is so religiously special about this guy's performance. Maybe someone else can tell me in the comments.

jusdealem said...

I have this Tivo'd! I don't even get high and you have me wanting to call a friend for a 'hook up'...;) Taylor,while a bit manic in his delivery, rocks! I so love him!