Monday, January 23, 2006

Say it aint so, Phil!

The first line of this article broke my heart. I think a couple of Aprils will share my feelings!


Also... check out this list. Look who's #8!

I had a lovely Sunday at Commerce yesterday. I headed over there around 1 PM. That's pretty early for me on a weekend. Showcase called my cell when he woke up and couldn't believe I was already on the freeway. "Have fun, you fuckin' degenerate" he spat into the phone as I merged from the 10 east to the 5 south. I sat 4-8 for a few hours and never swung more than $60 either way. I consider myself lucky not to have experienced a huge swing on that table because the people were NUTS. I mean CRASSSSSSSSZY!! I saw two pots that were capped 5- ways before and on the flop. One old Asian man was so nervous in the hand he started hyperventilating into an empty bag of Lay's.

Later, I had dinner with Ryan, Glyphic, Alan and a couple of their friends. We ate steaks and bar food and watched the end of the Seattle-Carolina game before they went off to play 9-18 and 20-40 and I went back to West L.A. to finish up some work-related reading. I also managed to recoup my $63 loss at Commerce by playing two tables of 3-6 on Full Tilt. I still have $80 of that damn bonus to clear.

Work was really quiet today because the entire industry is at the Sundance Film Festival this week. Apparently that now includes a number of professional poker players with high Q ratings. I guess there's always a celebrity tournament to run. I've never had to go to Sundance and I never want to, seeing as it involves experiencing a whole lot of three of my least favorite things in the universe-- (1) freezing cold weather, (2) crowds, (3) and long lines. Charlie went a couple of years ago and said the most hilarious thing about Sundance is that all of the so-called "exclusive" parties are all held at the same two lame bars. The sign outside just changes every night. William Morris party one night, Motorola the next. Same people, same watery drinks in plastic cups.

In LAPC news, I have ONE share left. Just ONE. First come first serve!!


Shelly said...

If you can get past the "my girlfriend" this and "my girlfriend" that and "she's so smart" blah blah blah (*smack!* right in the teeth!) ... the various names he makes up for the fishy opponent in the hand are worth a giggle :)

peacecorn said...

I heard she lives in Canada. How serious can it be?

April said...

Yea, I've known about that for a while. Was holding out hope that it was one of those "Weird Science" my-girlfriend-lives-in-Canada kind of things though. Do we have pictures?? Has anyone actually MET her??? He could totally be making all this up. Of course, famous and attractive men usually make up girlfriends for only one reason, and I don't like that possibility either.
He should get married. Married men have a thing for me. :)

change100 said...

April, your comment reminded me of this ditty from AVENUE Q, sung by a closeted gay Republican puppet:

I wish you could meet my girlfriend,
my girlfriend who lives in Canada.
She couldn't be sweeter
I wish you could meet her,
My girlfriend who lives in Canada!

Her name is Alberta
She live in Vancouver
She cooks like my mother
And sucks like a Hoover.

I e-mail her every single day
Just to make sure that everything's okay.
It's a pity she lives so far away, in Canada!

Absinthe said...

Woman, do you ever check your email? I toldja I wanted a piece.

Unknown said...

Yes, but do you really want to be Phil Gordon's girlfriend? He basically criticized her throughout the whole column - in fact, the column was based on her mistake - and then, at the end, talked about how wonderful a player she was. That's pretty passive-aggressive, don't you think?