Friday, January 13, 2006

Change and the LAPC

Yesterday, I heard covertly that my intern will shortly be getting the boot. Thank you Jesus. He was acting like such a fucking retard yesterday that I seriously almost lost it. And I'm a very patient woman. I don't like yelling at people, especially at work. I take no pleasure in it. It was maybe the fourth time that his cell phone went off with a deafening ringtone courtesy of System of a Down that I told him to shut the fucking thing off because I'm trying to fucking read here and slammed my door with an icy glare. I sat back at my desk and through the wall could hear him say "What's her fuckin' problem? Is it like PMS or something?"

See ya, fucktard. Have fun whacking off in your unfurnished Van Nuys studio. Don't call us, we'll call you.

Moving on...

The L.A. Poker Classic is upon us, and I've been getting a lot of questions over the last week or so about which events, if any, I'll be playing. Here's what I'm thinking right now. Of course I say "right now," because I'm a chick and we change our minds a lot. That, and I have a job that often requires drastic last-minute scheduling changes that can put a damper on one's personal life. I'll likely play the $330 NLHE freezeout this Thursday, January 19 with a few of my Murderer's Row comrades. I'm going to try a couple of single-table satellites over the three-day weekend at Commerce for kicks but if I bomb out in those, I'm OK with buying in.

If I get into the $330 cheaply and manage not to dump a lot of money in the cash games, I'm also considering the $540 Ladies NLHE on Saturday, January 28. For that event, if I decide to play, I'll likely sell half my action if anyone out there is interested in backing your favorite west-coast junkgrabber.

No Murderer's Row game tonight, so I'm going to spend a little QT with Showcase. I think he's feeling a little ignored with all the poker I've been playing lately :) He was pretty cross with me last night when I turned down karaoke for two-tabling 3-6.

Days until the Golden Globes: 2 (I should probably give y'all my insider picks...)
Days until Oscar nominations are announced: 18
Days until the release of SNAKES ON A PLANE: 216


Absinthe said...

I'm hopping into the $330 as well. Want to do a 5% swap?

Glyphic is hosting a game tonight, as well, featuring the Return Of Lance.

CJ said...

I'm in. I'll buy up to 20%. Just let me know.

F-Train said...

I'm in for 10%.