Friday, January 27, 2006

The Night Before

I'm taking it easy tonight. No poker, no excessive partying, no 3 AM bedtime. Just chillin' and watching LOST and 24 while finishing up a better, longer post. The LA Poker Classic Ladies event begins at 3:30 PM tomorrow afternoon, and thanks to my own version of the fab four, along with some recent bankroll gains, I'll be taking a shot at the title. I really want one of those butch "Final Table" leather jackets Ryan got.

I'm not as cool as Ryan is with his whole live blogging on the Sidekick thing, but I'll do my best to get some updates out there. At least I know ahead of time not to eat the tacos.

Catch ya tomorrow, kids.


Joe Speaker said...

good luck, K. Take it down.

CJ said...

Go win this thing, you lucky blonde!

peacecorn said...

Go go go, Junk Grabber!