Monday, January 09, 2006

Fifteen Minute Weekend

I'm going to take a page from, or, rather, entirely rip off (who am I kidding) Pauly's ten minute blog thing. As I was driving back to the office from lunch, I gazed up at Santa's sleigh and its eight accompanying reindeer, which are still inexblicably suspended over the intersection of Wilshire and Beverly, and started freakng out about how incredibly behind I am having only been back at work a week. I hadn't written a blog in six days and I really wanted to, but I knew I had to find a block of time to do it and as I was mentally scrolling through the meetings and reading and assignments I had to get through this afternoon, I knew I'd hit 7:00 before getting anything out on this page. So here's my attempt to do it in 10 minutes. OK, I'll give myself 15 since unlike my east-coast friend, I cannot write at subatomic speed.

Friday night brought the return of the Murderer's Row Homegame. We had a new face (or fuckin' new guy) in High Plains Drifter, who made the trip up from the O.C. Poker Geek called him the L.A. Bad Blood and I think that's apropos. My streak continued in peak form, as I picked up AA in the first level and knocked out the lovely Sofia with my aces full vs. her trip fours (she had the JACKHAMMER). Then I got KK on the button and busted Rini after he moved in on me with AQ from the BB. Ryan busted Geek's 66 with the hammer catching runner runner straight. Three-time cover boy. He also managed to spill an entire beer on his lovely fiance's beautiful tailored black pants, while he remarked that his Eddie Bauer khakis were like, liquid-repellent or something. Kori was not amused. She outlasted Coco in the tourney for the second straight week. In the course of all this madness, including the baptism of a new power poker hand (83o) that will now, forever be immortalized in the blogger vernacular as "Snowman-Taterlegs," I got heads-up with High Plains Drifter with something like a 10-1 chiplead, almost totally blew it in the course of three hands where I couldn't stop doubling him up, and then pulled out the victory when my KJ held against his K8. He got the 8 on the flop, but I rivered an ace to fill my open-ended straight draw. Franklin came in third and Joe Speaker cashed in fourth. I feel kinda bad because I've knocked him out of every Murderer's Row game I've played in.

(This is so going to take longer than 15 minutes. I was just interrupted for four excrutiating minutes by the corn-fed kiss-ass half of my intern duo, trying to feed me his profound ideas for one of the scripts the execs read this weekend. I wish he could see my eyes telling him that I do not care... )

On Saturday I went to a screening, played a little 3-6 on Full Tilt, and went to a late brunch with Showcase at our favorite little retro diner on Pico Blvd. We sat outside and I had eggs and turkey sausage while he had chocolate chip pancakes. There was a woman in a black Miata parked at a meter right in front of where we were sitting. She clearly lived in that car. The passenger seat was piled high with white trash bags full of clothes, books, makeup, hairbrushes, and other personal items. She was struggling to remain inconspicuous, but knew we had seen her. We speculated as to why she was living out of her vehicle and settled on asshole husband whom she left in the middle of the night. She finally gathered herself and took a seat inside at the counter. As she went in, we saw these two emaciated girls in minidresses and boots leaving with a grungy musician-type guy, one on each arm. One was tall, pale and brunette, the other an even taller blonde with a spray on tan. They were clearly wearing last night's clothes at 2 PM on a Saturday and stumbled down the street with him to his black SUV, attempting to light their cigarettes in the middle of a gust of wind.

I played a lot online through the rest of the weekend, clearing a bunch of my Full Tilt bonus by playing 3-6 limit. Yes, I'm playing limit again. I'll have to explain that another time. I also bombed out in six straight 180's on Stars. I played the sixth last night with CJ and we swapped 10%. I went out in the first hour, but the Luckbox hung on all the way to fourth place. It was a sight to see. The suckouts were unreal. My favorite was the all in with K9 vs. KT and he fucking flops two pair. Never underestimate the power of the Luckbox.

OK I have to stop now. I've already taken 38 minutes.

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Heafy said...

That's still a fair effort for 38 minutes. I like the flowing style.