Saturday, March 22, 2008

Don't Forget!

I'll be playing while watching the March Madness games in the background, much to Showcase's chagrin ("Can we not listen to sports for like, two minutes?" he pleaded last night as we sat down to dinner.) But I have my Pauly's Pub title to defend! It's true... last year I was that girl who totally knows nothing about hoops but sucked out to win the whole pool by taking Florida all the way and picking mostly favorites in a year where mostly favorites won. I took a similar strategy this year and did OK in the first round picking 24 of the 32 games correctly. I guess there are more on today and we'll see if I can continue to suck out-- in bracketology and in pot-limit Omaha, where I continue to play this tournament almost solely by poker instinct and not with any serious knowledge of the game's fundamentals. Luckily for me, a lot of those instinctive plays have turned out to be mathematically correct. And here, I thought I was just flinging the proverbial poo. Viva la Omaha.

My beloved will, no doubt, spend the afternoon crunching numbers and free-throw percentages and pacing around Derek's living room nonstop with a furrowed brow and a head full of haze . I've missed him terribly in the month we've been on opposite coasts and luckily that will come to a crashing halt in two days when he stops in the Slums of Beverly Hills on his way to Las Vegas. (Yay!)

See you all at 4:20.

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