Sunday, October 28, 2007

Degenerate Things My Boyfriend Has Done This Week

Including, but not limited to:

- Sniffed a marker to stay awake.

- Bet on a team in the "Allsvenskan"Swedish Hockey League. Won that.

-Bet on Chilean Soccer. Lost that.

-Bet on South African dog races. Lost that too.

-Tried to tell me dog racing bad beat stories.

-Bet on Aussie Basketball and woke up in the middle of the night to sweat the results

-Urinated on the bathroom floor of our hotel room because he was too jacked up on sleeping pills to find the toilet

- Was told to shave by the Crown Casino brass

- Flipped a coin for $1,500. Won that and tilted Gaz.

-Flipped another coin for $2,000. Won that one too.

-Had beers bought for him by a fan called "Aussie Smurf"

-Was recognized by another fan at the Melbourne branch of the Spearmint Rhino...during the day shift.


KajaPoker said...

Yo change, I wanted to thank you and Pauly for looking out for my buddy Jordan who just made the final table. I am really enjoying the coverage and sweating him from the virtual rail.

Pauly said...

For the record, I'm up several hundred Euros betting on Allsvenskan Swedish hockey.

Unknown said...

Wait, didn't he write something about Ambien? Makes you sleep walk, I'm married and have seen these things happen, not sexy.

Unknown said...
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iamhoff said...

Oh Change. Your boyfriend...what can you possibly say about a $2k prop bet on a literal coin flip? And being recognized by the day shift at the Rhino? Keep him juiced up so we can continue to get these trip reports. These are the reports that never make it into the official travel guides, and I think it's a goddamn shame!

The Shrink said...

You know he takes all his dates to that Aquarium.

ms said...

Pretty funny, a quality post in so many ways!