Sunday, May 27, 2007

Shoes and Such

Dear Otis,

Thank you for recommending ECCO shoes. I found a pair of black leather flats that at least somewhat resemble the trendy ballerina slippers I'm so fond of wearing. These ones, though, feel like walking on blissfully squishy little pillows and should serve me well during the WSOP. Though I'd be even happier if they came in pewter... or maybe bronze. Anyway, those Danes sure know how to make a shoe! My feet owe you an Arrogant Bastard at the Rio.

Love, Change

Dear Drizz,

I recently threated to disown my own mother in public because she showed up to lunch wearing pink Crocs. Crocs are everything that's wrong about America. They are loud and oddly shaped and will find their place in fashion history alongside horror-show footwear like Jellies and Tevas with socks. I cannot in any way condone the purchase or wearing of Crocs. If you buy Crocs, the terrorists win.

It's OK though. There's still plenty of time to reform.

Love, Change

Dear StB,

I will wear jeans and white sneakers at the WSOP for $200 per day... the same rate I offered Pauly for me to wear purple Crocs at the Langerado Music Festival.

Love, Change

Dear Carmen,

Believe me, I would never cave into bad WSOP fashion. In fact, my biggest worry about the Series is not the pressure or the long hours or doing my best to write well... it's that I'm going to have to wear some sort of black polo shirt that says "WSOP Official Media" or something to that effect every single day. It's virtually guaranteed it won't fit well. I've been having nightmares about the polo for three weeks straight. Pauly tunes me out when I talk about the polo. And when I do finally get my hands on it, I'm seriously considering getting it tailored. That, and changing clothes on dinner breaks.

Can't wait to see you. I still have to find some strappy heels for pre-Main Event parties. Might the Forum Shops be on our agenda at some point?

Love, Change


Irongirl01 said...

Hey Change:

Just for you the sensible fashionista girl you are:

Even though Im a hippie chick no patchouli for me. I just bought Versace Bright Crystals for my summer Perfume. Very nice scent.

Jen B said...

Hey Change,
Can't wait to see you and Pauly at the WSOP in a few weeks....although I might have to do a recheck of my photog apparel....;-).....but not worries...I agree...I would never own Crocs.

StB said...

$200??? Might have to start gathering some cash.

Bill said...

First, I believe that the path to hell is worn smooth by the soles of Crocs.

Second, I'm in for my P'Stars bankroll on picking an outfit for Change for a day.

I suggest the following:
1. Day 1-A of the Main Event
2. STB and I get to pick the wardrobe, except for the shoes.
3. Outfit has to be worn entire work day or 12 hours, whichever is longer.
4. We'll collect at least $500 and give it to Change to donate to the charity of her choice. And no, paying Otis to eat crayons doesn't count.

CarmenSinCity said...


I knew I could count on you to put fashion first on your Las Vegas agenda.

Yes - Forum shops are a must. No, I can't afford anything there, but I'm a good window shopper! Can't wait to see you guys :)

SirFWALGMan said...

Holy crap can Otis reccomend some panties for you too? What the hell is he doing!!! Is it sexy for guys to know about shoes? Did I like miss that class? Fawk.

Joe Speaker said...

Shunned in a fashion post.

I hang my weary head.

But if you really nned to talk about the polo, I'm here for you.

Unknown said...

I figured I'd get that :)

Please let me know what to wear at the WSOP so I don't let the terrorist win, and make you go blind from my lack of fashion sense.

Seriously, I am THE worst dresser you've ever met.