Monday, May 14, 2007

Aaron Sorkin Mondays and Blood Boy

Two posts in one day from me-- aren't YOU lucky?

Everyone who follows television has suspected this for a while, but with the NBC Upfronts happening in New York today, it can finally be confirmed that Studio 60 has been cancelled. There will be no second season for Danny Tripp, Matt Albie, and Matt Albie's baseball cap wearing, pill-popping alter ego Tim Batale. They will live on, only on the inevitable DVD release and in the few remaining original episodes NBC has in the can, which will be burned off aired in the summer after the completion of May sweeps.

Say what you want about Studio 60... it certainly had its faults, but still, no working screenwriter in Hollywood can write dialogue like Aaron Sorkin. And I've read all those hacks. I guess now he'll have more time to work on that Flaming Lips musical.

In other semi Sorkin-related news, actress Melissa Fitzgerald, who played C.J. Cregg's assistant Carol for seven seasons on Sorkin's The West Wing, is seriously considering a run for Congress in her native Pennsylvania, where her family is heavily involved in politics. The Republican she'd be running against in the PA 6th recently had to fork over a $120K fine for misreporting campaign contributions, and only won his last election by a 1.2% margin. So between Fitzgerald, Al Franken, and potentially Fred Thompson, there could be a hat trick of successful TV actors on the '08 ballots.

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Last night at Mothers' Day dinner (we went out for Greek food), my sister Mandy and I were discussing our favorite YouTube videos. Naturally, I told her to search the keywords "keno crayon" for 2 minutes and 52 seconds of pure viewing pleasure, but she alerted me to this gem. I laughed so hard I watched it twice.

Especially for Bad Blood, I give you "Blood Boy."



StB said...

That kid's self esteem will need some help when he gets older.

DuggleBogey said...

I can tell you with a fair certainty that if Thompson decides to run he will carry Tennessee in a landslide. They adore the guy here, unlike Gore.

Love_elf said...

OMG that video is freekin hysterical!!!!

Pauly said...

Nice video.

Am I the only one not affiliated with Hollyweird that actuallt liked Studio 60?

Unknown said...

Now I can't wait to get home after seeing that.

Kid's unintentional comedy is a big reason why parent can keep a shred of their sanity.

BadBlood said...

I will show him the way.