Monday, January 01, 2007

Change's Changes

I just returned home from a whirlwind New Years' trip to San Francisco where My Morning Jacket blew the doors off the Fillmore with one of the sickest live shows I've seen in my lifetime. Definitely the best concert I saw in 2006, and between Bonnaroo, Vegoose and random shows around L.A., I saw a shitload of live music this year. It was an epic evening to say the least, and you should stay tuned for the full trip report.

However, Pot Committed is about to undergo some sweeping changes as we kick off 2007.

I wrote this back in August of 2005:

I'm a 28 year old single woman in Los Angeles. By day I work in the entertainment industry, and by night I am a poker sponge-- playing, reading, watching, thinking, and absorbing all I can about the game. By that admission alone, you'd agree that I'm wired a little differently than my peers. The urban single women I know fill a good percentage of their time away from their careers with hip bars and online dating and shopping and movies and socializing with friends. With my time, I do all of that, but mostly I play poker.

Though I never set out to be a "poker blogger," poker is what got me blogging. I needed an outlet not only for the writer within me that had been lulled into hibernation by Hollywood's 14-hour days, but for my own struggles and triumphs in this game, this fucking card game that had taken ahold of me by the soul and refused to loosen its grip. My friends couldn't relate to my struggles and their eyes glazed over when I started a sentence with something like "so I had A-Q in middle position." Thank God the wonderful people of the WPBT welcomed me with open arms. My life has never been the same... on so many levels.

Even from day one, though, my blog wasn't all about poker. I mean, what is Pot Committed without Showcase? Celebrity sightings? Blind-item Hollywood gossip? Jaywalking tickets? Proposition bets? Buying Pauly clothes? And, of course, 2006's epic motion picture drama "You're Fired!" and it's direct-to-video sequel "So Now What?"


A few weeks ago, poker's own fairy blogmother contacted me and asked if I would join the "blog city" forming over at PokerWorks. Guys I respect and admire like cc and Iggy were already part of the family, and when I discovered the identities of some of my fellow "incoming freshmen," I was incredibly flattered to be invited to write in such company.

I accepted Linda's invitation and as of today, I'm a proud mother of twins. While Pot Committed will live on as my personal blog, my poker musings have a new home. Adjust your bookmarks and RSS feeds, kids and get ready for Change100 at PokerWorks.

Happy New Year, everyone. My new digs still need some paint and furniture, but you're all still welcome to come over. Hope to see you there!


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Anonymous said...

sick. congrats.

Anonymous said...

congrats! I just started reading in the spring of this year - and I'm always happy to see that you've posted a new entry. I look forwad to reading you at pokerworks!

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Way to go, sweet sweet Change!

Anonymous said...

When you said "I've got some writing offers" that one night we were playing, I figured this was what you were talking about after some thought.

Congrats. You definitely deserve it. I hope this helps pay the bills so you can continue to write full time.

Anonymous said...

Very nice--congrats!