Friday, December 29, 2006

2006: The Year in Food

For Derek and Daddy, here are some of my favorite pictures of food from 2006!

Steak and bacon tacos. El Cholo. Los Angeles, CA

Pasta Salad. WSOP media room. Las Vegas, NV.

Steak and eggs. Los Angeles, CA

Keno crayon. Las Vegas, NV

Crispy bacon and corn maque choux. Los Angeles, CA

Club sandwich. Carnegie Deli. Las Vegas, NV

Kaas. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Mushroom and bacon pizza. Los Angeles, CA

Brownie sundae. The Mirage. Las Vegas, NV

Sushi. The Bicycle Casino. Bell Gardens, CA

Onion ring tower. Henderson, NV


Otis said...

keno crayon..

you clever little bitch.

Happy New Yer. :)

Anonymous said...

That crayon is too funny!

Pauly said...

Happy New Year, Nicky!

The Brownie Surprise was amazing. I don't think we finished it b/c of the sheer size of the dessert.

Anonymous said...

i love the steak and eggs pic . . especially with the bong in the background!