Thursday, August 03, 2006

The G-Vegas Effect

I was writing and playing a SNG on Full Tilt in the back of the media room when Pauly tapped me on the shoulder.

"G-Vegas is here."

I clicked "sit out" and popped out of my chair. G-Rob and Bad Blood were the two people I wished I had more time to hang out with on the December blogger trip and kismet had brought me to them and them to me in Las Vegas during the Main Event, a place none of the three of us probably thought we'd be if you'd asked us the same question six months ago.

G-Rob's glossy mane was tucked under a baseball cap. An early morning flight and some hair product error had led him to declare it a hat day. Blood's gunz are even more impressive in person. After chatting and catching up for a few minutes, they headed over to the MGM Grand for some 1-2 NL action, and the rest of us got back to work. We planned to meet up after play was done for the day in the Main Event. -EV gambling was a distinct possibility.

Cut to: 1 AM. The Gold Coast. G-Rob, C.J., Blood, and Otis are commandeering a $5 blackjack table. Ryan is sipping a drink and sweating them. April is at the bar with Easycure and Mrs. Easycure, whom I have the pleasure of meeting for the first time. And just as I get done telling Ryan that "I'll have none of that blackjack," I hear G-Rob call out, "seat open!"

60 seconds later, I'm handing the dealer $100 and getting 20 red chips in return. I'm sitting at first base with Bad Blood on my left. Pauly brings me a Corona, and the cocktail waitress brings Blood a dirty martini with two olives. As our dealer, Willy starts pulling cards out of the shoe, Ryan spots me, and we make eye contact as I guiltily shuffle my redbirds with my left hand.

"I thought you were having none of that."
"Come on. I'm a degenerate gambler."

I don't know if it was the presence of C.J. at our blackjack table or the heavens aligning, but Willy proceeded to deal one of the best shoes of Blackjack I've ever played. Every bust card we needed came at the perfect moment, with Willy prolonging the suspense with his dramatic "poker face" as he looked at the card and slowly revealed it to the table.

"BUST!!!" I yelled at the top of my lungs.

Willy paused, looked at the card, mugged with faux disappointment and slowly turned over the Queen with a 14 showing, busting his hand.

"YEAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!" the entire table cried in unison, high-fiving each other. Everyone in the casino turned around to see what the hell was going on.

"Oh my God, I won five dollars!" Blood declared, pumping his fist.

It went on for Willy's entire down. Every. Single. Hand. We all made money, especially Willy, whom we were tipping like crazy. We were "that" table. It's the G-Vegas effect. I walked away with $150 and let Easycure take my seat.

Fatigue creeping in after 16 straight days of work, I downshifted into $10 Pai Gow and took a seat between Zeem and Ryan. Pauly, April, Otis, and C.J. rounded out the table. The same redhead pit boss we had on the night Otis ate the crayons was on shift and instantly recognized us. We were on fairly good behavior, though and Otis managed to keep his hundreds in his pants. When I saw Pauly falling asleep at the table again, it was time to call it a night. I won about $40 at Pai Gow, pushing my -EV total for the night to a surprising +$190. Count the $11 I made in a half hour of $4-8 at the Rio playing against three shitfaced off-duty Asian dealers and I'm up $200 for the day.

Today is everyone's day off from the Main Event-- players and media. Pauly and I came back to Henderson from Treasure Island to do laundry and relax a little this afternoon before heading back to the Strip later tonight.

Best of luck (like he needs it) to C.J., who's playing in his first WSOP Event this afternoon. Suck out like a champ today!


StB said...

There is always something nice about a loud, fun blackjack table.

BadBlood said...

By far, the best blackjack table. EVAR. Good to see you C100, keep Pauly sane.