Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Plan B

I just took a scalding hot shower to get off tilt. I can still see the steam coming off my forearm if I hold it up to the light. I busted out of a 20-table SNG on Stars a few minutes ago going into the river as a 9-1 favorite. So it goes. As I'm still up a nice amount online since getting back from the second Vegas trip, so I'll refrain from further bitching.

I talked to Charlie for a long time this morning. His wife is mad at him because he decided to start a "Master Cleanse" right in the middle of the holidays. This involves consuming two tablespoons of a vile mixture of maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and lemon juice at different intervals during the day in lieu of, you know, normal food. I told him that if I was his wife, I'd be pissed as hell too. I understand the human predeliction toward healthier eating rituals surrounding the onset of a New Year, but first, give me my chocolate and Christmas cookies.

I did win $30 off of Charlie on Christmas box-office props. I hit the under on KING KONG, FUN WITH DICK & JANE, CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN 2, and MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA with Charlie taking only one victory with the over on NARNIA (and it only squeaked past $30M). This more than unsticks me from the disastrous Thanksgiving weekend I had against Charlie when I foolishly took the under on Goblet of Fire to do $100M on the three-day. Such a sucker.

San Francisco may not be happening for Showcase and I after all. He came home from work at lunch for a quick toke & chat, and broke the disappointing news that it's supposed to pour rain in NoCal for four straight days, just as we'd be driving up. Everything we had planned for the weekend involved being outdoors-- walking around the city, sitting in cafes, taking a side trip to Half Moon Bay and doing the 17-mile drive, hitting a winery in Napa-- all a downer in the rain. The best alternate we've come up with is taking a shorter trip to Joshua Tree and just staying one night. We're open to suggestions, though per Showcase, Vegas is off the menu :(

I'm digging this Widespread Panic live album Sis threw on to my ITunes while I was cooking Christmas dinner. Her ex used to follow them. I had never heard much of these guys before now, but what I've listened to so far is pretty groovy. I think I'll keep it on for Wil Wheaton's tournament on Stars in an hour.

Speaking of which, I'd better get some lunch before this thing starts.

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CJ said...

1) You rocked at the WWdN tourney. Nice job!

2) Fly to G-Vegas, rock out on New Year's eve with the G-Vegas crew and then play in the BadBlood New Year's invitational on New Year's day!

Now that's a plan!