Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Rehab Report, Week 2

Blogger ate my fucking post. Everyone gets their cherry popped in that regard soon enough, why shouldn't I be any different. The second I pushed the "back" button I knew I was fucked. Aiiiii ya, why didn't I hit SAVE AS DRAFT before previewing it! I had some good stuff in there, but I can't donk off another hour at the office rewriting it. Tilt tilt tilt. Goddammit it had a theme and everything.

So all you get right now is the abridged version of my week in review. The insight I gleaned from my play will just have to be incorporated into some other post. Grrrrr!

$11 NLHE SNGs: 11 played, 4 cashed +52
$22 NLHE SNGs: 5 played, 2 cashed -20
$33 NLHE SNGs: 2 played, 1 cashed -12

Total SNG profit for week: +20 (I think I'm on SNG burnout here).

Various LHE/NLHE cash games: -38.16

Super Satellites: 4 played, 3 seats won +W$293

Tournaments: -32.70 (mostly from HORSE last night where I donked off all my chips before the first break.)

Week total: -50.86 (cash), +293 (W$)

Save as draft, say it with me. Save as draft, Save as draft, save as draft...


Unknown said...

I will be playing in that HORSE tourney more often when I don't need to work the next day on 3 hours of sleep.

Unknown said...

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