Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Highlights Reel

Highlights of the weekend:

1. Watching Showcase absolutley kill onstage Friday night. The only thing better better than hearing an audience laugh from jokes you helped write? Hearing them come out of your best friend's mouth, and brilliantly.

2. Chatting and playing the $25 NL on Full Tilt with April, Drizz, BG, EvaCantHang and Maigrey. BG kicked my ass and won a buyin off of me when his KQh took out my AA when a Q fell on the river to make him two pair. But he was soooted (and there were hearts on the board, so can you blame him for calling me down?). Shoulda pushed on the flop. I must say, playing with bloggers is an ENTIRELY different animal. I guess that's why drinking is required. I promise I'll loosen up a little next time.

3. Winning two delicious satellite seats. One came via a silly little 300 point freeroll on Full Tilt that got me a $75 tournament entry. Then, I managed to crack the crazy $3 Rebuy on Stars and punched my ticket to next Sunday's big tournament (after 8 rebuys!) I couldn't get a thing going in the rebuy period and ended up taking only the $5000 chips from the last double rebuy and add-on I could make. Then I really just played my usual game and cruised to the finish. There were maybe two coinflips that could have hurt me badly, but I hit them both, and stole more than enough blinds and antes to stay alive.

4. Cashing two Multis on Full Tilt. Not a ton of cash to add to the bankroll, but I'm becoming more and more consistent in these (especially now that I'm playing fewer of them).

Dissappointment of the Weekend:

Elizabethtown. But I suppose I knew that going in. This was a film that just tried too hard at every turn, not to mention the fact that Orlando Bloom, despite his obvious attractiveness and boyish charm, cannot carry a serious film as a lead actor. The music was great, as always in a Crowe film. Dammit. I want inspiration. Shoulda seen Capote instead.


Unknown said...

The blogger table is the place to let your inner-LAG out.

Sorry for my chip dumping expedition last night at the HORSE tourney. Too tired = Bad play

Unknown said...

It just occured to me that when you play heads-up with Showcase, you occasionally have a....

Showcase Showdown!!!

(Any Price is Right fans out there?)

change100 said...

Hey, at least you got a hold of some chips for a while there-- unlike me, who donked it all off before the first break.

You know, my grandma won an electric stove on The Price is Right in 1978. I think the producer was just in love with her name and wanted to make the announcer guy say "Walburga! Come on down!"

Though in my "Showcase Showdowns" I'm a lifetime loser. ;)

Unknown said...

My fam "game show" moment came in the late 70s, when my grandmother, uncle, uncle-in-law, uncle and grandfather was on 'Family Feud." That's right, the original feud with Richard Dawson (I think that was the guy's name, I can see his face).
They won but blew the final round for $10,000 when the first uncle got 130 out of 200, and our second uncle totally blew it.
Example: "Name a household pet."
Now, dog probably gets you 50, and cat probably gets you 40, right?
His answer: "Lizard."