Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Change the Master and Slowing Down

Some guy called my office today to see if I'd be interested in giving a screenwriting master class online. I totally laughed at this dude on the phone, thinking it was some elaborate fucking joke that some biz friends may have orchestrated, but it turned out to be the real deal. Turns out some former colleagues recommended me. I'm still cracking up at the thought, because I don't consider myself a master at really anything, but if some fresh, eager L.A. transplants chasing the dream think it's worth it to plunk down cold hard cash to hear my advice, I'd say the least I can give them is the truth. Not in a bitter mean way of course, (like get out of town you naive dreamers, this place will eat you alive I say!) but I doubt I'll sugar coat anything. For example, if you want to "make it," for Christ's sake don't write some blithering indie ensemble drama because it's your "passion." Write Wedding Crashers 2. Because that movie will actually get made. Wait, that was too bitter.

I played my usual slew of SNGs last night, but I also hopped over to the Party Bad Beat Jackpot tables when I saw that it was up over $375K. I sat 2-4 for a little over an hour and picked up $130 for my first positive LHE cash game session in what seems like months. Granted, I haven't been playing Limit Hold'em on any sort of regular basis since maybe July, but did it ever feel good to book a winning session again.

You know what was the difference this time in my play? Nothing really. Except for the fact that I SLOWED DOWN. I thought things out. I didn't just pop in a raise on the turn (like every other California limit player) without stopping for a minute and thinking through the hand. I played tighter than usual, and I'm usually pretty tight. I didn't go too far with dicey hands. And I took my time with decisions. I think it made a HUGE difference in my play. Perhaps it was my real problem with limit all along.

I don't believe the jackpot has hit so I'll certainly be giving LHE another go tonight. With Hollywood closed tomorrow for Yom Kippur, I may even make my way down the 10 Freeway for a little Commerce action after blissfully sleeping in. If any LA Bloggers get the same jones tomorrow, I'll be the strawberry blonde girl in the Full Tilt hat sitting 4-8.

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