Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Team Conan

Jeff Zucker should be tarred and feathered in the middle of the intersection of Alameda and Olive for all of NBC to see. In Hollywood's latest gross example of failing upward, Zucker, by making a batshit-crazy TWO YEAR, "IRON-CLAD" commitment to having Jay Leno occupy five hours of primetime real estate, obliterated not only the 10 p.m. network television drama, but has ignited a late-night TV tornado that will leave nothing but broken contracts, and pricey eight-figure penalties in its path.

I'm on Team Conan. He's a smart, hard-working guy who uprooted not only his own family, but the families of his entire writing staff to make the journey west and helm the Tonight Show, an honor he had dreamed of for most of his life. Everyone in Hollywood knows what a colossal douchebag Jay Leno is. And even if Conan's jokes don't always soar, he deserves so much more than the bullshit NBC is giving him now.

"He actually respects the chair," Pauly said, referring to O'Brien's shot-across-the-bow letter to NBC.

O'Brien understands the roots and the history of the Tonight Show. He understands its place in the television continuum and doesn't want to see a mockery made of the show by greedy executives trying not to trigger contract penalties.

Check out Conan O'Brien's full statement here.

Oh and guess what? American Idol is back tonight. Though I've long lost the fanaticism I one had for the show, I still watch. And since this will be Simon Cowell (and thus, I imagine, the show's) final season, I guess I'll have to blog it. So stay tuned.


fairnbalncd said...

Conan not only sacrificed moving his family and staff, he also let opportunities pass by in order to give NBC his full focus and unwavering loyalty. The amount of income lost is unrecoverable.

I'm not a network fan of either Prime Time nor Late Night, but Conan always caught my eye.

StB said...

Why is everyone making Leno out to be the bad guy? Unless Leno said something to Conan that we are not aware of, I don't see why Conan should be attacking him in his monolog. Did I miss something?

Ernest said...

Well put.
Bottom line: Conan is funny, Leno is not.
Studio execs seem to be some of the dumbest people on the planet, but with the biggest egos.
Pimpbot, Clinton photo with moving lips, Triumph, and Masterbating Bear forever!
I'm with Coco.....