Friday, December 26, 2008

2008: The Year that Was

I took a page from Pauly and Benjo's books and put together a collection of photos I took during 2008 over the course of nearly 80,000 air miles traveled. I so enjoyed reminiscing about my travels as I searched through my largely disorganized photo albums; hell, I even laughed to myself as I remembered puking on the airplane from which the second photo was taken. Enjoy them.

Byron Bay, Australia.

Near Queenstown, New Zealand.

Red Rock Canyon, Nevada.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Denver, Colorado

San Francisco, CA

Barcelona, Spain

London, U.K.

Amsterdam, Netherlands


lj said...


Unknown said...

You have a great eye. Love the picture of the scene in Copenhagan. Will you sell it?

change100 said...

Thanks drnorman. It's up on my Flickr account for free. Here's the link:

joxum said...

Glad you enjoyed Copenhagen. Hope you get to see some more of Denmark on your next visit.

/j. (until recently living there himself).

Irongirl01 said...

I may have never been there but the San Franciso shot must be 710 Haight St. My Dead radar is keen enough to recognize that doorstoop anywhere even without the boyz on the steps.

Happy New Year Change.