Friday, August 01, 2008

Free Pauly!

Seriously, what is Google smoking these days? It ain't the good shit, that's for sure.

Last month, a slew of bloggers get booted from the Google search engines. Now, (Google-owned) Blogger is freezing sites like the Tao of Poker, Coventry Music Blog, and Al Can't Hang for being, of ALL things... spam blogs. Sweet mother of God what did they do to incite the wrath? Seriously, these guys have been providing us with stellar content for nearly 5 years and they're rewarded with this sort of bot-perpetrated anal rape?

Pauly is now in exile at Tootie's Bong for the time being. He's not-so affectionately referring to it as "his FEMA trailer." What sucks even more is that his fifth anniversary tournament is rapidly approaching and he'd, you know, like to pimp it on his own site.

I'm merely a drop in the bucket, but I'll pimp it on mine and I hope those of you with interwebs real estate will do the same.

Honest to God, one of the coolest things ever offered up by a blogger, all for his readers. $5 on Poker Stars to win a $5,000 seat at the Borgata Poker Open. Winner gets the seat, as well as his or her share of the prizepool-- all other spots paid out like in a normal Stars tournament. No chops. Must play. No shenanigans. Lots o'fun. And if you win, you'll get to meet my beloved in person at the Borgata. He's a pretty cool guy ;)

To all you Deadheads out there-- Happy Jerry Day. He had some cool shit planned for today at Coventry, but that will have to wait as well. Still, he Twittered a couple of Jerry Day Mixes that I'll pass on right here:

Jerry Day Mix, Part I
Jerry Day Mix, Part II


Unknown said...

Nicky, number one, my browser keeps switching off your site as if there's a magnet pulling it away from your site. Never saw that before.

Number 2, I find it unbelievable that Pauly got bumped. What happened to free speech? I don't understand how legally they can even do that without giving him a chance to prove that their information is incorrect. If you find out who to write to at Google, I'll certainly write.

Number 3, be sure to tell Pauly that none of his readers will desert him; he's just toooooo goooood!!!

Unknown said...

I can't open either of Pauly's Tao sites. His temporary site flashes on and then goes immediately off line.