Thursday, July 05, 2007

Tilt Me and Die Hard

Know what's worse than flopping two sets in a row in the $4-8 game at Red Rock and having them cracked both times by the same clueless old man's runner-runner flushes?

Getting bad beat out of your bonus.

PokerNews was cool enough to organize a $10K freeroll for the 30 or so of us that busted our asses for the last 5 weeks at the WSOP. Ten spots were paid, with $2,500 for first.

I played exactly one hand.

Three limpers to me in the 25-50 level. I raise to 300 from SB, Tony G calls from EP, two other limpers call. Flop J-T-blank with two hearts. I lead for 700, Tony G folds, 2nd limper moves in, 3rd limper folds. I insta-call with A-A. He has Q-J offsuit. Turn 9, river 8. IGHN and double up some Dutch dude I've seen like twice the entire time I've been here. He has me covered by 50.

I can't win at this game. Doesn't matter how well I play. Four years at it now. It just never seems to work out for me.

I was on such tilt afterwards I had to pound a Corona and go see LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD just to get off tilt.

And then, as I walked out of the theatre into the rancid heat, I was still on tilt.

Now I'm just waiting to go have dinner with Pauly's mom. Whom I am terrified of, yet have never met.

If I survive tonight without sticking a needle in my arm or jumping off a freeway overpass, well I just might make it out of this town alive.

And now I owe all you fuckers a dollar...


ExMember said...

I counted three bad beat stories, so that's three dollars a piece.

Have fun with Pauly's mom. I'll go double or nothing that you can't beat her in prop bets.

pokertart said...


Hope the mom meet-n-greet went well.

clearspine said...

you can just transfer the dollar to my full tilt account, "clearspine". I'm trying the Chris Ferguson "zero to 10 grand plan". About 9,999 more bad beat stories ought to do it!

Unknown said...

I take Paypal

iamhoff said...

I think Jan's got the right idea...

Hope it went well with Pauly's mom. To have raised both Pauly and Derek, she must be quite an "interesting" person. Oh the stories she could tell.

CarmenSinCity said...

I can't wait to hear about dinner with Pauly's mom. I bet you were wonderful! I'm sure she loved you.

Student of Life said...

So, how was Live Free or Die Hard? I mean, we'll probably see it either way, since Cousin Bruce is in it and all... :)

Hope you don't have another bad beat story to tell after the Mama Meeting. Good luck!

Tully Moxness said...

Cool...just transfer the $1 to my Full Tilt account. I'm out of cash after I lost my last head's up match. I flopped a boat but he flopped quads.

Shit...never mind!

Have a great Main Event!