Saturday, July 28, 2007

One Week in Photos

Here's a few of the photos I snapped during our weekend in NYC and on the way home from Vegas:

Pauly and the Polar Bears, Central Park, NYC

Alice in Wonderland Statue, Central Park, NYC

Basil Pesto Chicken Sandwich, Riverdale Diner, NYC

View from Our Hotel, Upper West Side, NYC

Mao, MoMA, NYC

Matisse's Fish, MoMA, NYC

Lee Krasner Painting, The Met, NYC

Map by Jasper Johns, MoMA, NYC

Monet's Water Lilies, MoMA, NYC

My natural state of being

Last stop on our way home, Las Vegas, NV


StB said...

Wow! Pauly owns a pair of shorts?

jusdealem said...

I want one of those basil pesto chicken beauties! Yes, I'm a food dork...:)

Anonymous said...

Love the pix and thanks for the kudos!
Where are you heading next? Legends, London or the Library?