Thursday, September 22, 2005

Full Tilt Comcast

Comcast just cost me my tournament. I'm ready to throttle someone. In fact, I just came back in from outside, where I steamed for a full ten minutes and kicked some trash cans. Then I fell flat on my ass when I lost my balance.

The Full Tilt $10K guaranteed was MINE tonight, I tell you MINE! I was riding a nice chip lead at the end of the 400-800/100 level when my fucking wireless internet decided to crap out long enough for almost half my stack to be blinded off. When I got back on, blinds were 600-1200 and two fools had seemingly quintupled up and were riding 80-100K stacks, which was nothing compared to the 21 I had left. Oh, and one was directly on my right. Didn't pick up a single hand after that and finished 17th. At least I got in through a $4.40 SNG and didn't buy in...

As I mumble and grumble and take big big bong hits to get off tilt, Kathy Liebert is likely partying it up after her 3rd place finish tonight at the WPT Borgata. Though I'm not so sure that's how she rolls... Best ever finish for a woman in a WPT event, besting Jennifer Harman's 4th place at the Bellagio 5-Diamond last December. Mazel Tov!

I should tell Showcase it's safe to come out of his room now.

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Unknown said...

Perhaps sue Comcast for lost wages? :P