Monday, September 12, 2005

5-10 kicks my ass, and other weekend delights

Gotta make this one short. I have to duck out of la oficina in a few minutes and get on the freeway. Bean, my best girlfriend, confidant, and college roommate is in L.A. for four days and we're hittin' the town. First on the agenda is tapas y mucho sangria at this new place called The Courtyard in WeHo. Then either out again to some hip dive or back home for a few bongloads and a lot of catching up. I adore her. Think hilariously neurotic obsessively style-conscious JAP in Marisa Tomei's body. That's my Bean. So probably not a lot of poker this week, though she really wants a lesson so she can play her boyfriend heads-up.

The Full Tilt 5-10 LHE was full of retarded fish this weekend in the late-night hours. Got a lot of bonus cleared, but dropped about 25 bets. I know I made a few mistakes, but my hands were just refusing to hold up. Meh meh meh. Fishies win. Blech. Still doing well in SNGs and NL ring games and made up the losses there-- why am I not playing the hours I need at those tables and continuing to bleed at LHE? I'll post some hands soon and at least attempt a strategic post. Though it may be pathetic. I also polished off the Annie Duke book and have a lot to say about it. Review is brewing in my head.

OK time to make my escape...

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