Thursday, October 30, 2008

Showcase, Sarah Palin, and the Crazy McCain Man

As many of you may have read in the news, there was quite the controversy this week in West Hollywood when a local man put up an elaborate Halloween display in his front yard, which included a John McCain dummy popping up from his chimney and a Sarah Palin dummy hanging from a noose off the front porch. Naturally, it attracted media attention, but apparently it was serious enough that the Secret Service started an investigation.

Well, guess who now lives across the street from the house in question? Why, our own Showcase!

Showcase was getting ready to go out last night when he heard the sounds of a protest coming from the end of the street where the Palin dummy was still hanging. He texted me and I told him to grab his video camera and go shoot the scene.

Here's his footage, complete with his interview with a crazy old man in a McCain shirt who professes his love for Sarah Palin.

The display, however finally came down this morning when the homeowner gave in under pressure from the Mayor of West Hollywood and the Sheriff's office. Apparently, Sarah has been cut down, but McCain remains in the chimney.


Unknown said...

I was wondering how Showcase was doing. That's the problem with L.A. - far too many artists with nothing to do, so they protest stuff.

EuroSchecky said...

FYI, the 'crazy McCain man' is Melrose Larry Green, who has run for mayor of WH, and other random political offices numerous times. He's also known for being a infrequent call in guest to the Howard Stern show.

EN09 said...