Monday, September 18, 2006

Grinding it Out

With a somewhat rehabilitated bankroll thanks to $22 SNGs on Full Tilt, I played a few tournaments this weekend, including the latest WPBT Circuit Event where I finished 5th of 19, just missing the money. Congrats to Bad Blood for taking it all down. I cashed two other tournaments on Full Tilt (but no final tables) and just missed the money in one of the huge-field Stars Crazy Re-buys. I also bubbled not one, but two $8.80 turbo super satellites to the WCOOP Razz event because that's what I do when I'm high and playing poker in the middle of the night.

I also re-deposited on Poker Stars to get in on the reload bonus going on now (20% up to $120). I like the Stars bonuses because they're fairly easy to clear even at low limits and you get a nice chunk of time to do it. By hitting and running at $2-4 LHE all weekend, I'm up over $400 and I'm 2/3 through the bonus.

For the first time ever, I'm participating in a football pool, the Doctor's annual"Pauly's Pub" extravaganza. It's fun, a bunch of bloggers are participating, and just like bloggers, we all made up incredibly clever names for our teams like the "Reno Keno Crayon-Eaters" and "I Don't Roll on Shabbas."

Though I love watching college foolball, this blonde don't know jack shit about the NFL. I mean, we're so self-absorbed here in L.A. that we don't even have a team anymore. Though I've been told that things like recruiting and injuries and player stats all go into making successful picks, I just don't have the time or patience for all that that some of my degenerate friends do. So I have devised a secret and incredibly scientific system for picking my teams. It uses a complex formula incorporating (1) how fierce the team's uniforms look, (2) the position on the food chain of the animal representing the team and (3) whether or not I've actually heard of any of the players on the team. While my first week was a little rocky, I hit my groove on Sunday, picking 11 of 15 winners.

Of course I won't let you in on my secrets.

At Wil's request, I'm posting a picture of Heidi, but unfortunately, not one of her ass. She can also be found on page 6 of this week's issue of Us Weekly, in which 66% of the magazine's readership believed she wore this green and white Ya-Ya dress better than Ashlee Simpson did.

I have another week of grinding out (hopefully) another 20 pages of my screenplay. A couple hundred more on Stars would be nice too. I'm also posting every day on Pokerblog along with our all-star team of Dan Michalski, Tim "Poker Shrink" Lavalli, Amy Calistri, April Kyle, Jen Browning, Tuscaloosa Johnny, and our latest addition, Gonz, who is writing some great coverage from the WPT Borgata. Check it out.


EN09 said...

Thanks for referencing the 'stars bonus Change! Was able to make the deposit before the deadline.

Keep up the good writing.


David Westbay said...

My wife's method of picking which sports team to root for is similar to yours (whether she likes the uniform being foremost). Another important factor is if she has ever been to the city that the team is from. Maybe I should combine your system and hers and try to pick some winners in a future pool. How can I lose?

GoBurn1 said...

I think you and the Sports Gal (ESPN's Bill Simmon's wife) should get together. In her portion of todays article ( scroll down to sidebar) she goes off on US Weekly. She's a dead/phish fan, is funny and lives out in LA. I can envision a great cable access show with the two of you. Make it happen!