Thursday, August 04, 2005

Three Laughs

Not like I really give a shit about former WPT eye-candy commentator Shana Hiatt's personal life, but this made me giggle, as I know this dude she's engaged to. In the words of our friends at Card Player:

Former World Poker Tour host Shana Hiatt is engaged to Hollywood movie producer Todd Garner.

Former World Poker Tour host Shana Hiatt is engaged to Hollywood movie producer Todd Garner. Garner, a founding partner of Revolution Studios, served as executive producer on the hit films 'XXX,' 'Anger Management,' '13 Going on 30' and 'Are We There Yet?', among many others, and oversaw all aspects of production and development for the Revolution's motion pictures during the company's remarkable first five years.

I spit Diet Coke all over my keyboard at that last line, "the company's remarkable first five years." No mention of the toilet they're in now. Here's just a sampling of those "other" films they leave out: Tomcats. The Animal. Daddy Day Care. Master of Disguise. The New Guy. Stealing Harvard. Radio. And last but certainly not least, Gigli. Yes, people this is a genius tastemaker we're talking about. He's also fond of wearing really bad Hawaiian shirts to nearly every meeting, and recently had a basketball court installed at Revolution's new Santa Monica digs. So yeah. They'll probably be very L.A.- happy together.

And this is good for a laugh. Apparently Frank Mariani, with a blood alcohol level that rivaled his chip count, won a Stud Hi-Lo tournament last night at the Bike. My favorite line came at the end:

"When tonight's tournament ended, Frank Mariani was in no condition to give an interview, even falling when he stood up. He also postponed collecting his winnings. Asked for his driver's license, he replied, 'I'm not driving.'"

And for our third laugh, Showcase directed me to page 13 of this morning's Variety:

"ROSIE SET FOR 'FIDDLER.' NEW YORK-- Rosie O'Donnell looks poised to make her Broadway return, playing Golde in 'Fiddler on the Roof.' The Current revival at the Minskoff Theater stars Harvey Fierstein as Tevye. O'Donnell is expected, but not confirmed, to open in the show sometime after Labor Day."

I guess her bravura performance in "Riding the Bus with My Sister" did NOT go unnoticed in the New York legit circles. But the real genius casting here would be Fierstein as Golde and O'Donnell as Tevye. Wouldn't "Tradition" just have so many new meanings? And the box-office? Please. Lion King would have nuthin' on them.

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